These are the sounds and stories of some of the machines with which I perform music. This section will grow periodically as I add new things.


Altered Ibanez Delay

I received this device in Los Angeles from a stranger in trade for a guitar I didn’t want. I Added some switches and potentiometers to internally short circuit the delay feedback.


Library of Congress National Library Service Cassette Player

This robust yellow cassette player was purchased from the now-defunct Baras thrift store in San Diego, CA. It has some track bleed and motor problems that create some unique effects. The tape being played is an audiobook of a romance novel by Ivana Trump.


Crowncorder Reel to Reel

This reel to reel recorder was purchased as is online. It arrived with a problem in the amplification system that produced internal feedback, but the filters were still operational, enabling it to produce long drones.


Function Generator

This was purchased in Santa Cruz, CA at garage sale held by the children of a recently-deceased electrical engineer. It is supposed to ed to test signal path in circuits.


Audiotronics Tutorette 800DM

This Machine was originally used as a classroom teaching aide, and came with sets of picture cards with magnetic audio strips. The sound here is from the magnetic stripe from an airline ticket to Seattle.


Digitech RP300A ‘Artist’

I found this multieffects pedal sitting under a pile of clothes in the VA thrift shop in San Diego. I makes nice sounds when deliberately put into audio feedback via a mixing console



A digital reboot of the noodley toy from the 60s, with ‘updated’ samples. I bought this at a garage sale in Santa Cruz and attached a current starve to force to play at extremely slow rates. Much better.


United Royal Mini Reel Recorder

Purchased from my friend before he moved back to Australia. The tape being played was found in a thrift store with piles of similar tapes


Zoom 505

Also bought at a garage sale in Santa Cruz from a friend. This is generally regarded as a pretty low-quality item, but when pout into feedback it makes some really nice noises.


Behringer UB1202FX Mixer

I got this budget mixer when a friend moved away from San Diego. The sound here is channels 1 and 2 in stereo feedback.


Tonka Playset Sound Box

This item was purchased from now extinct All Electronics in Hollywood, CA. It was found in a large box filled with these things, which I assume were surplus parts from a children’s toy. Its circuitry has been altered.